Plant-based energy to help you keep grinding.

Designed and tested by skateboarders looking to escape the clutches of junk food marketing, FLATBAR is the perfect fruit, nut and seed bar for any session.

Vegan / Gluten Free / GMO Free / No Added Sugar 

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FLATBAR uses only ingredients that can be found in an ordinary kitchen —

If an ingredient starts with an "X" or ends in a number, you won't find it in our bars.

No cheap imitations of sugary desserts; just delicious fruits, nuts and seeds to fuel you for hours.

The Sampler (Pack of 6 Bars)

$7.50 Regular price $14.99

Forged by the rigors of skating —

Designed by lifelong skateboarders and tested by dozens of professionals, FLATBAR was crafted to endure the demands of an active lifestyle both on and off the board.

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