What’s up with the name?  Why FLATBAR?

If you’re a skateboarder, you already know.  If you’ve never skated, a flatbar is simply a flat metal rail used for grinds and slides.  To a skater, however, a flatbar is more than a mere rail; it is a shining beacon of progress and an obstacle entertaining enough to fuel a session that lasts for hours in blistering heat or freezing cold.  Because it’s both a widely-recognized fixture in skateboarding and a physical description of the product, we believe there’s no better namesake for the bar that keeps you grinding.


Fair enough, what’s with the flavor names? 

Rather than offer a simple recitation of salient ingredients, we wanted to pay homage to skateboarding.  Check out the inspiration here:


How many bars are in a box?

Each box contains a dozen bars of a single flavor.


I have a nut allergy – can I eat FLATBAR?

Both Banana Berrial Flip and Switch Mango Push contain nuts, nut butters and coconut oil.  While Goji Berry or Go Home uses pumpkin seeds and sunflower seed butter instead of nuts and nut butters, it does contain coconut oil; furthermore, all three flavors are manufactured in a facility that also processes peanuts, milk, soy, eggs and tree nuts. 


I’ve noticed some oil separation and/or oil spots on the packaging or boxing – is that normal?

Don’t be alarmed, this is totally normal!  FLATBAR uses nuts, nut butters and coconut oil, all of which are then pressed at a very high pressure, which releases some of the natural oils.  On top of that, FLATBAR doesn’t use any added emulsifiers or fillers; for that reason, some oil separation is expected (and completely natural). 


How did you decide on the macronutrient breakdown?

FLATBAR provides a 4:1 to 5:1 carb:protein ratio (depending on the flavor) for optimal pre-, during- and post-session fuel.  By keeping a steady balance of carbs from the fruit plus protein and healthy fats from the nuts and seeds, FLATBAR provides the immediate energy you need for high levels of intensity, as well as long-lasting energy to keep your perfect session going until the wheels fall off.  We found that this focus on clean, quick carbs first (rather than focusing solely on packing in as much protein as possible) helped our testers keep moving with incredible energy even after exercising for a couple of hours.


Who tested FLATBAR?

In addition to being tested locally, some of skateboarding’s gnarliest rippers were instrumental in making sure that FLATBAR was an optimal source of pre-session fuel.  The following crew put FLATBAR through the wringer: Dave Bachinsky, Walker Ryan, Sebo Walker, Shawn Hale, Will Flores, Tom Rohrer, Cody McEntire, Mark Appleyard, Steve Berra, Aaron “Jaws” Homoki, Tyler Peterson, Chris Wimer, Mikey Whitehouse, Karl Watson, Ryan Lay, Ryan Curtis, Matthew Thompson, Lars Frazer, Kerry Webber, Ruby York, Victoria Taylor, and Nick Dompierre.  The bars were also tested by other athletes including OC Brakeless team and the Texas Beach Volleyball Tour.


Do my bars need to be refrigerated?

Our bars are guaranteed to last until the date printed on the back without any need for refrigeration.  While several customers have told us that they love the taste of FLATBAR right out of the fridge, refrigeration is totally optional.


How should I store my FLATBARs?

FLATBAR should be stored at room temperature in a dry area.  If stored at higher temperatures, you can expect to experience more oil separation since coconut oil has a melting point of just above room temperature (this is NOT harmful, however). 


Where can I buy FLATBAR?

We are working on getting FLATBAR into smaller grocery stores and skate shops across the US.  If you know of a shop you’d like to carry FLATBAR, please let us know by reaching out to us at flatbar@flatbarenergy.com or tagging the shop in any of our social media!


Can FLATBAR be shipped overseas?

Unfortunately, we do not ship overseas at this time; this is one of our goals for 2019, however.  Check back here or follow us at @flatbar_energy to keep up to date with our overseas progress!